Headed Abroad LogoI don’t know if this post is to help you understand this site – or help me understand what I’m doing. Honestly, it’s probably serving as both, I’m not sure who is winning though. Either way, I feel that it’s very important that I tell you my intentions with this site. This site is brand new and I plan on turning it into something long-lasting and informational, as well as provide material that is inspirational and awesome to read.

About a year ago, I became intrigued with the idea of something called travel hacking.The idea of travel hacking is to find ways, such as getting
free airplane tickets, to travel the world cheaply. It’s something that I feel a lot of people do not know about, but would use if they did. I decided shortly before finding this type of thing that I was going to engage in travel writing and when I did find out about travel hacking, I suddenly understood what I wanted to write about for a career.

Travel is one of those things that has always been fun for me to read. It’s never seemed to bore me because there were always things that I was unfamiliar with that I wanted to explore. I also really enjoy the idea of personable writing that documents people’s adventures. So partly, I want my writing to not only show my adventures, but to document them as well. This will work as a ground to inspire people and to share how I saved money on that trip.

As I have stated before, this site is brand new and will not be running actively for some time. To be specific, here is a rough plan of what I have in store for the future. I am about to enter my Sophomore year of university this August. That means I have just under 3 months to work on this site. I will be changing around a lot of things on the site to make it look better and developing at least a little bit of content. I really can’t be sure of how much, other than a post every week or so. I plan on going to school and doing a few things with this site during that time, but sadly, my time is limited.

The following summer is going to work more towards content and developing something that will become very special. Content wise you can expect more trips and advice, which is what this site is going to be about. Again, I have to survive my junior year of college before I can come back to working on the site full-time. The following summer is going to be where more important things will be taking place. I will begin gearing up for a trip around the world with a backpack and finding a way to keep you up to date on the latest happenings for my trip. It’s going to very much be a backpacker journal with loads of advice. I really am limited to what I can say you can expect out of that summer since it is a while away.

My senior year of college I’ll focus more on the site than previous school years so the site will continue functioning at least at 75 percent. Once I graduate, I’m off to finish the last preparations that I need to begin my world-wide explorations.

It’s important to note that I will be taking trips in-between now and when I leave for my large trip and I will also be putting all the advice that I give you, into use myself. I’m by no means expecting anyone to follow this blog until I begin to develop in my field after I graduate, but the blog serves as a means for me to gain blogging experience in my field as well as find out what I should write about to best help you.


  1. This is a great way to stay focused on your end goal – travel the world after Graduation! Wishing you all the best in achieving that dream. The concept of a “travel blog” or travel writing didn’t really exist when I was in University, but I know sites like yours would have inspired me to take off and travel before the grind of a 9-to-5 fully takes over!