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Oh Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Full of life, culture, and … expensive prices. Saving money in Hawaii isn’t always a task for the light of heart, but with the right tool kit and a few ideas, you can get by without too much harm to your wallet. Here are a few travel budget tips to help you on your next vacation to Hawaii.

Photo by Quintin Doroquez via
Photo by Quintin Doroquez via

Take in the Vibrancy of the Island:

Instead of seeking out an activity, enjoy the island for what it is. Go to the beach to swim and lay in the sun. It’s your vacation after all – so take it easy. Borrow someone’s bodyboard, or if you brought your own, even better. Walk around the island and take in the smells and the bountiful trees. There are also plenty of hiking trails on the island. A couple notable ones are the Kapalua Coastal Trail and the Hoapili Trail, but there are many more. ¬†You can never go wrong by spending a day trying to connect with nature on a deeper level.

Lahaina Has Plenty of Entertainment, So Take Advantage:

With most tourist destinations it’s often suggested that the vacationer should head to museums for entertainment, but in Hawaii there are better options. If you want to see live music, you can check out the stage in Ka’anapali. There are also “Friday Town Parties,” with locals as well as free shows with hulas at the Lahaina Mall.

Choose an Uncommon Time to Go:

In the travel world there is “low-peak” and “high-peak.” What does this mean? High-peak seasons are when locales get a huge influx of travelers and workers; often this is during the summer months and around holidays or breaks in schooling for students. The remainder of the year are the low-peak seasons. With any destination, if you go during a low-peak you’ll find cheaper rates on everything from flights, accommodations, activities and even food. So it may be a smart idea to go to Hawaii during May or October instead of July.

Take on Responsibility by Volunteering:

Volunteering while you travel is a powerful way to experience somewhere foreign from a different angle. Volunteers often stay longer than the average tourists and will not only save tons of money, but they’ll make friendships and connections that can be revisited the next time they travel.

To accomplish this in Lahaina, you have several options. A well known organization is the  Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, which supports beach preservation. Maui Cultural Lands, Inc. works in the area of land protection, and the Friends of Haleakala National Park protects and teaches about the Haleakala Nation Park. Check these places out and see what you can do to lend a hand and make your vacation that much sweeter.

Lahaina may never be known as a cheap travel destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a goal of $1,500 and figure out ways to stay within that budget. Keep researching and check out things such as¬†airline cards to help with trip costs as well. For more guides on the subject, feel free to head to this page on Hipmunk.