Girl sitting on the beachEveryone seems to want to travel and explore the world, to stretch to new bounds, experiencing culture and pleasure. Generally, if you ask any random person on the street what a dream of theirs is, there’s a pretty good chance that traveling the world is in their fave five.

Although I’m curious why that is simply a dream and not a goal in someone’s life, I think that’s the subject for another article. The question I want to answer instead is what makes travel so remarkable.

Here’s what I think:

People’s lives are boring nearly every day they wake up. It’s the same old grind: work, TV, sleep. Repeat. It’s so boring! It’s almost unbelievable that we have naturally evolved into that cycle of life and are okay with it.

But here’s the kicker: travelers are NOT okay with it and they make damn sure they don’t follow it.

We crave adventure enough to make travel our goal. Not once. Not twice. But any chance that we can get. Is anything really better than the feeling of the airplane landing? It’s probably your favorite feeling if you’re scared of heights or extremely claustrophobic, but also if you’re a traveler. It means that it’s time to create long lasting memories, make your next friend, or understand another culture better. You can also guarantee that when you leave the plane, you won’t be the same person when you board it again.

I would like you to take a moment and look back at the last trip you took. It doesn’t have to take you long, just give it five seconds. Think about the good times you had, but then I want you to think about the bad ones. The struggles you may have had. Maybe you missed a flight or accidentally flipped someone off when you thought you were being nice by waving (i’m looking at you Greece).

There are probably only a handful of you who actually regret any of that as embarrassing as it may be. Yeah, giving someone who just helped you the bird sucks when you’re not familiar with cultural standards. But hey, now you know right?

I don’t know if that has actually happened to anyone, but this is what travel is all about. It’s about growing who you are today to become even better tomorrow. Constant self-progression is life at it’s greatest.

You gain knowledge, experience, and you become way cooler.

There is a reason why when you hear of someone who has traveled a lot, you can’t help but admire them and it’s not just because you’re a traveler. But it’s impressive. You learn something almost every minute when you are exploring new places. That is why travel, to me, is so extraordinary.

I’m a big book worm and there isn’t much that I love more than learning, and travel provides that for me every single time without fail. There is a quote by Mohammed that says:

[box] “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.” – Mohammed[/box]


Mohammed just hit a home run. Case closed.

To me anyway, this is why travel is so extraordinary. You are able to grow as a person to create memories that last a life time and stand out from all the other ones you have. You create long lasting friendships. But most of all, you gain knowledge that will serve you and make you stand out for being a traveler, not just another person who is stuck in the same boring cycle.

What are your thoughts on what makes travel extraordinary? I’m sure they differ from my views and I would love to hear them! Shoot me an e-mail here to let me know.