Top Incredible Travel Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Women who travel solo have a more extensive and unique opportunity to find out who they are in new surroundings without having someone to influence you. There is a famous belief that it’s mainly unsafe for females to travel alone. However, there are fantastic places you can visit and feel safe and welcome.

As long as you travel to a right place, a solo travel, whether long or short, has the ultimate power to make you feel great for years or even a lifetime. While you need to follow up on your cra tax audit or pay your bills, you also need to consider traveling alone and taking that time for yourself. Here are the incredible top places that will offer you solitude, safety, sociability, and spiritually:

  1. Maui Hawaii

From hiking and surfing to taking snorkeling tours and boating and driving the road to Hana, Maui is a great place for female solo travelers. The beautiful island has constantly changing microclimates with sprawling resorts, pockets of sandy sunset beaches, hikes through the valley, and quaint little camping spots.

With the Hawaiian culture and the tropical weather, Maui feels so different from the states. The island has female-focused activities like Maui Surfer Girls Camp for the ladies looking to take a new sport with a group of supportive women. This place will give you a fun and empowering experience.

  1. Iceland

Iceland has to be one of the most drop-dead gorgeous places with its icy fjords, black sand beaches, and the huggable iconic ponies. The best part is that you can see the Northern lights when you are there, fantastic land formations, and geysers all in one spot.

It is the safest country since people leave their cars running when they go grocery shopping. This means that even you won’t be that opposed to the idea of solo travel to Iceland. The good thing is you could meet someone cool at your hotel because the place draws so many solo travelers from the US on layovers.

  1. El Chalten, Argentina

If you are looking for a chilled out spot, El Chalten is it. The place draws many solo travelers who are happy and open to meet others and share their trails with. The trekking down in El Chalten is different even though South America has constant catcalls.

You will find nature-loving hippies and artists who are welcoming, hikes with so many people and you can meet other on trails. This means that you just don’t want to spend time relaxing and chilling in town you can join glacier hikes, or learn how to rock climb and go on fantastic camping excursions. The place offers activities that accommodate all solo travelers.


These three places draw solo travelers making them unique, most interesting, provides chances to connect with others and yourself and also enjoy nature. However, at the end of the day, you should find a country with activities and sceneries that suit your solo traveling purpose. Whether it’s a soul-searching endeavor or an exploring venture, there is something that fits the purpose.