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San Antonio has a history that dates back thousands of years to indigenous tribes who inhabited the area and was later one of the first European settlements in Texas. This town is a hot spot for history, local food and enjoying long hikes on the many trails.

Photo by Phil Ostroff via Trover.com
Photo by Phil Ostroff via Trover.com

Chow Down on Tacos:

You can’t go to San Antonio and not eat the delicious tacos that this city is known for. It won’t be hard for you to find a taqueria (I am so happy taco places have their own cool name) in the city since there is practically one on every block. Not only are tacos common and tasty, they are cheap too.

Drink in the History at the Teddy Bar:

Drinking at a place full of rich history makes for a great evening out, and perhaps the best spot to do that in San Antonio is at the Teddy Bar. This bar is famous for being a recruiting spot for Theodore Roosevelt who wanted strong-willed men to join his ranks. The ironic bit is that he rarely drank. 

Spend a Few Hours Enjoying the Outdoors:

San Antonio has over 40 miles of hiking and biking trails, which is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. In my humble opinion, going on hikes is one of the best parts about being able to travel and explore new places, plus it’s free and helps you feel more intimately connected to the new surroundings. Biking is another great option if you want to cover more land and don’t mind paying a few dollars to rent one. 

Pig Out on a Food Tour:

How much do you love food? Is that love strong enough to last an entire day? Because that’s how long this food tour will be as your tour guide covers nearly five miles going from restaurant to restaurant. On this tour you’ll be able to eat at the II Sogno Osteria which houses a historic brewery. You’ll also (of course) hit the Taco Taco Cafe and the Central Market, where you can get top wines, rare produce, and gourmet foods. Those are just a few of the food spots available. 

Relax on the River Walk:

No trip to San Antonio is truly complete without a visit to The San Antonio River Walk. This area is gorgeous, is part of a network of walkways, and is a well-known spot to relax and watch the river flow by. If you have a little money to spend, you can even enjoy dinner on a dining boat. 

Visit The Alamo:

Rated as the number one museum (out of 42) in San Antonio, this is popular spot for tourists to learn about the battle of 1836. This museum is small, so you shouldn’t plan on spending more than an hour here.

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