A gorgeous coastal town in Naples, Italy with a rich history, Vico Equense has breathtaking views on the Sorrento Coast and is home to Faito Mountain. The cozy town has a lot to offer, and it’s all within walking distance or a short bus ride. Exploring this less traveled town will be a great opportunity to see what Italian culture is all about. Check out nearby hotels in Naples for an affordable place to stay with a view.

Photo by Giuseppe Amalfitano via Trover.com
Photo by Giuseppe Amalfitano via Trover.com

Take In The History:

When you arrive in Vico Equense, stick to simplicity, and just go for a walk. The town has a rich history and used to be a trading port for Romans, Greeks, and Italians. The entire town acts as a museum so as you move through the city it’s as if you are walking through history itself. The center of the city has gothic architecture, and as you move farther to the outside of the city you will begin to see rustic farmhouses.

Correale di Terranova Museum:

Built in 1924, this museum has gorgeous artifacts that include an amazing porcelain collection from factories such as Meissen, Bow, and Wien as well as paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries from artists like Van Dyck and Kassel. The museum also features rare furniture that creates the feeling of being in an aristocratic family’s home.

La Gavitella Blue Bay:

Overlooking the sea, this restaurant’s terrace is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a cold beverage while looking out over the breathtaking view. They serve Mediterranean style food and stick to local wines and traditions. Mandolin music often sets the tone of the night, making it a fantastic date spot.

Monte Faito:

The highest peak in the M. Lattari chain, it reaches nearly 1,500 meters above the sea. This high-up spot is the best spot to get a panoramic of the city and stare down at the sea and city below. If you are looking for an adventure, you can climb the mountain, or you can take a rail up to the top and catch the views in a more relaxing manner as you ascend the mountain.

SS. Annunziata Church:

A unique example of a Gothic Cathedral on the Sorrento Coast, this church was built in the fourteenth century and was bishopric until 1799. It’s built on a high limestone cliff and has gorgeous frescoes and marble tombs from the medieval period. The tombs include two bishops, Cimmino and Regio, from the fourteenth- and sixteenth-centuries. The building also works as a tomb for Gaetano Filangieri, who was a well-known eighteenth-century economist.

da Gigino:

A famous pizza shop that is known for selling pizza by the meter is a place that the locals love and people often come to eat there from around Naples on the weekends. The restaurant began in the 1930’s and has been going strong ever since and has been granted the title of “Pizza University.” The giant restaurant can hold up to 1,400 people between its two floors and an outdoor area. They also serve seafood, pasta, and desserts. If you don’t get your fill of classic Italian pizza here, be sure to check out Pontillos Pizzeria that stays open late. Or if you want to create your own unique pasta dish, visit Casa De Pasta and you won’t be disappointed.

From the mountain range to the pizza that’s sold by the meter, you’ll have plenty to keep yourself busy in Vico Equense.

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