How many times have you had to postpone work or push it to the next day because you didn’t have enough time? Have you thought of a situation where you can work hard and smart to accomplish more in less time than you would normally? While we all get 24 hours a day, you can plan your time so that you can accomplish a lot in fewer hours, that way; you can still be the best of Diamond and Diamond lawyers with enough time left for your family and friends.

Below are some of the tips that will boost your productivity and save you time.

The tips include:

  • Follow the 80/20 Rule

This rule suggests an increase in your productivity by making small efforts that contribute and make a monumental impact. For this, you will have to minimize the time spent doing the unproductive things in the 80 percent chunk of your time.

Even though you cannot cut down the things that seem trivial, this rule is there to ensure that you do more of the things that matter. For this rule to work, you will have to reduce the time you spend on social media, or the time spent working on emails. You will have to say no a lot more for this to work well.

  • Parkinson’s Rule

This law is all about setting strict timelines for you to complete your projects. Even if you are always working, you may not be doing much towards the completion of your project. You should, therefore set timers to help you accomplish the small tasks that await completion.

Don’t do tasks for the sake of completing them. You also need to split the big projects into small tasks that are easy to achieve.

  • Get rid of distractions

Chatting with your workmates will take up a lot of your time. Being on social media, unless it is your job will waste your time too. The best way to go about distractions is as simple as postponing or avoiding them completely. If distracted in when you are in the middle of something, offer to meet or call them later. It is all about setting your boundaries and being stern about them.

The other way of avoiding distractions is as simple as getting into work before everyone else and getting work done. You can also leave work late if you are a night owl because there will be few distractions then.

The other solution which should be implemented by all organizations is the design of closed, rather than open plan office designs and plans. Although they are expensive, the productivity of your employees will increase, improving profit margins.

While these are the main strategies, there are many other tips you can implement to get more done in less time. They include:

  • Learn to say no, and mean it
  • Optimize your strengths
  • Set a plan for your whole week
  • Always prioritize
  • Identify and focus on your values
  • Group the common tasks together.
  • Stop procrastinating, just do it.