Why You Need To Travel

I want to take a moment to tell you why you need to travel. I really don’t feel as if I have to sell you on travel, because everyone knows how awesome it is, so I won’t. What I am going to do though, is tell you why you need to start traveling right now. Not after you graduate or after you feel secure enough to do so, but right now while you’re young, before you get caught in the 9 to 5 daily grind we call life.

It Makes You Awesome:

The first thing about travel that you need to know, to be blunt, is that it makes you pretty damn awesome. Whenever you tell people about your stories from some foreign country – that isn’t Canada- they can’t help but be impressed. Especially now that you are young, people will be even more impressed that you have been to “X” amount of countries by the time you are twenty-five.

You’re Better Able to Handle Life Like a Pro:

Travel has a way of making people grow and mature. Whenever we travel we gain knowledge and are that much more ready to take on life. When we have issues we think back to the way that we handled a situation in the middle of Uruguay and we know that since we accomplished that, we can carry out anything. Certainly nothing in an area we feel comfortable in will be able to get the better of us.

Employers Love It:

There are many things employers love and one of those things is ambition. They want someone who can take their company to the next level and get through tough issues. Travel isn’t something you throw on a résumé, but it is something you show in an interview. There is a quote I saw, probably when I was scrolling through Facebook like every other addicted college student, that said something like “A resume gets you the interview, it’s your character that gets you the job.” Well your character is the ambitious one that likes to travel, so sell that to your interviewer.

Your Time is Now:

The sad fact of life is many people after college still do not travel even though they plan on it, because they get caught up in a career, settle down, and have kids. Once you have kids, travel is definitely possible, but many people are too scared to really begin to explore the world once they enter the parenthood years. That is what makes right now the perfect time for travel, because right now you are looking at having three months off to find time to travel. How long will it be before you have that opportunity again in your life after college?

Take time to travel, even if it’s a small road trip to Mackinac Island. Life is about so much more than school and work. It’s about living and experiencing things that you enjoy. So get out there and try something new, stretch your boundaries to expand your comfort zone. Go be awesome.