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The coastal town of Vico Equense is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, with photo quality that will blow your mind. If you want to get as much of the natural landscape as you can while you’re there, here are a few places that you can go to marvel at it.

Photo by Giuseppe Amalfitano via
Photo by Giuseppe Amalfitano via

Antico Bagno Stabilimento Balneare

Antico Bango is a hot spot in Vico andĀ has excellent ratings with people saying that it has “everything you need for a good day.” The beach itself is gorgeous with waters that are as clear as the sky above, allowing you to see the bottom with ease. The beach comes with lifeguards and if you grow hungry from all that playing in the water and tanning, there’s good food nearby.

Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach is one of those picturesque places that you’ll find on a postcard in your local pharmacy. Its sights are gorgeous, only bettered by the warm setting in the evening as you lay out on the beach. Sadly, if you want access to this beach, it’s going to cost you: 12 Eur just to get on the beach, 15 Eur for a sun bed, and another 15 Eur for an umbrella. So while you won’t have an overcrowded beach, it’s not the best option for a budget-savvy traveler!

Monte Faito e Panorama

The most popular attraction in all of Vico is of course the Monte Faito e Panorama. From atop the mountain you’re able to see for miles over the city of Naples and the volcano of Vesuvius in the distance. Monte Faito has the tallest peak of the M. Lattari chain, with its summit nearly reaching 1,500 meters. To get to the top of the mountain, you can simply take a bus to the summit, where food and wine is waiting for you.

Scrajo Mare

Scrajo Mare is another great beach to visit in Vico with far-reaching blue waters andĀ a lovely beach with beach chairs and umbrellasĀ that both tourists and locals enjoy . The water is semi-enclosed by artificial groupings of rocks where the shallow waters are, but if you dare to venture out farther, it’s open to you. When you do get hungry from the fun day you can headĀ along theĀ shore to find a restaurant that’s been said to have great local wines, interesting seafood dishes, and excellent service.

Hit Running Trails

Running while traveling is a joy, and a fun way to explore the city, so by utilizing MapMyRun, you can view routesĀ people have previously ran or walked to see what interests you the most. The linked website has five different routes people have gone on, but if none interest you, thenĀ make your own route for future travelers and locals, or just ditch the app and enjoy a nice walk wherever your heart takes you.

This city isn’t known for beingĀ cheap, but thankfully (outside of Bikini Beach!) seeing the natural sites is, which in the end is what really counts anyway. For hotels in Vico Equense, you can find them onĀ Hipmunk.