I’m reluctant to say that it’s time to throw back on the sweats and head back to University. I loved what I was able to accomplish this summer towards my goals. I managed to accomplish much more than I ever dreamed of in one summer. It’s funny, when I originally started in May, I didn’t even think I would have a functional website, much less hundreds of amazing readers and a few big websites to back me up.

But before I get all sappy over here, I’m going to make you a promise right now, and I want you to hold me to that promise. Even though I’m going back into the hectic life of a full college load and beginning a job as a Resident Adviser to pay for my worldly travels, I promise you won’t even notice that I’m not pulling full shifts on the site. Right now, I spend an approximate sixty hours per week on this website (I’m a total workaholic).

Where does that time get spent?

I spend a lot of time writing, a ton of time marketing and talking to other travel bloggers to learn how to make this site better, and I listen to a lot of great Indie music and look up cats (thank you Buzzfeed).

To my promise…

In transition back into the university life, I regretfully will not be able to guarantee two new articles per week. This is so I can assure quality articles that can inspire and teach you. I have tons of article ideas that I’m dying to write and I would hate to have to rush to create those articles that only do a half-assed job of helping you in your travels.

However, that doesn’t mean you will only get one article per week, every week. No sir! I’m still going to add two per week when I can. I’m just asking for your patience while I get a solid system in place :).

With that being said, I have plenty of great content and some of my best articles to come and I know that they won’t disappoint. I will also continue with the weekly newsletter (although I may switch the day it’s sent to a weekend), social media, and answering all of your e-mails and comments!

Now, I just need your help!

It would mean the world to me if you can make sure I keep that promise and if I ever seem to be getting off track, I want you to correct me and tell me that I seem like I’m not around as much and I will fix that issue immediately. This website wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you, so you’re what is important to me.

The cool thing is that I should be able to get some unique content while I’m up there. I’m part of a group of students who go on long hikes and do different outdoor activities around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The best part about the U.P. is that it is filled with waterfalls, cliffs, and great scenic areas. At the very least, it will help my wanderlust a bit!

Once I finish off the year, I’m swinging home for a quick week or two and then I’m off to Eastern Europe! I’ll be talking about that trip more later on.

Thank you for such of a successful first few months of travel writing and I promise there will be much more to come. You won’t even get a chance to miss me!