Today, I want to discuss why you absolutely need travel insurance. I’m going to be coming out with a post sometime in the near future about the top travel insurance companies to use and adding it as a new resource section on the Travel Resources page as well, but for now, I just want to get your minds keyed in on the fact that it’s important.

I feel that a large portion of people don’t think much about insurance and why would you? It’s not like you’re constantly worrying about being injured, hell, you probably don’t even do that many crazy things. Well, okay, maybe you do. But I bet you’re not worrying about it unless you have kids!

When you’re traveling, you can never be too safe and it’s great to have a backup.

Travel insurance not only will cover you, but a good plan will cover any technology you bring along (i.e. camera, laptop) from being damaged or stolen, it will cover many issues with your flights (i.e. flight cancellation fee), and offer you 24/7 assistance from a call center. The assistance is great if you need some quick directions and other advice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a weekend trip or a yearlong RTW excursion, you should always be carrying it. The average plan covers about 100,000 USD worth of medical expenses and that’s a pretty good figure to base yours off of as well. You can always get higher coverage. I’ve seen plans as high as 1,000,000 USD.

It’s crazy how easy some fluke accident can ruin your day or worse – your whole trip. I hear stories all the time from friends about them getting a stomach bug that puts them in a bed for a few days which keeps them to soup and Netflix instead of the amazing cuisine and atmosphere around them. So it’s worth it to make sure that you can easily access some medicine from the area that you’re traveling through and visit a doctor if you have to.

It’s not just your health you should worry about either…

I always travel with a fair amount of tech gear and my numbers of it are always increasing. I have my laptop, iPhone, iPod, Nook, and a bazillion chords. Plus I’ll be adding a video camera to the mix and possibly an external hard drive for extra storage. So with all of that, I cringe at the thought of anything happening and not being able to save them.  What can I say, I’m a slave to my cell phone!

I’ll keep this post short, since insurance isn’t exactly a fun thing to write and especially to read about, so here is a cat picture to amuse you before I finish up with one last thought.

 She’s so adorable!

I generally try to stress that the fewer expenses on a trip, the better, but your safety and items are not one of those things to cut corners on. As I said earlier, in the next few weeks I’ll be posting an article on some of the top travel insurance companies that you can check out and compare and I’ll be giving it permanent residency on the Travel Resources page. But until then, stay safe :)!

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