I can’t believe it! It has officially been over six months that I have been running this website! Time has flown by so quickly and I’m extremely excited to be able to say that we’ve made it through half of a year. The next six months will be even better and they will be ending with me backpacking Eastern Europe for the first time.

That’s not all though…

Many people have e-mailed me since I began the site and have asked me for my “expert” advice on travel. But truth be told, I’m nowhere near being an expert.

I consider myself a student of travel and I always will.

I have a lot to learn and much more to experience, travel is nothing small and you can never know how to do everything while you’re on the road. I have the majority of my mistakes yet to come.One of the things that I still haven’t experience is living abroad, but that is going to be changing very soon.

I plan on moving to Scotland in either August or September in 2015 until December! I’m very excited and I’m currently working out the final details on the move. This is actually a study abroad partnership I will be taking advantage of through my university and it’s not like any type of studying I’ve ever done before. You know why?

Because I’ll be studying in this badass palace!!!

Dalkeith Palace

This is called the Dalkeith Palace which is located in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland. It was built in 1702 and used to be the seat of the Duke of Buccleuch, although I’m not sure if he lived in this Palace or the castle that used to be there.

This is pretty much straight out of my dreams. Not only that, this partnership comes with a two free meals a day and bus passes. Dalkeith is just outside of Edinburgh, so I should have plenty of weekends where I can head into the city to explore. The trip also comes with a mid-semester break and a few extended weekends.

Compared to the United States, they study completely differently. My typical classes in the U.S. last anywhere from fifty minutes to three hours and occur two to four times per week and it’s all lecturing and examinations. However, with this Scotland program, I’ll only be taking one class at a time compared to the five or six I take at a time now, and they last for three weeks. The best part is that they teach their students outside of the classroom as much as they do inside. I’m not sure if this is what all of Scotland is like or it’s just this program, but either way it’s pretty awesome. If you know more about the typical Scotland education, I would love to hear about it, I find it really interesting!

I would like to work in Scotland while I’m there as well, just to get more international work experience, but due to the agreements I’ll have to sign, sadly I won’t be able to. So instead, I may pick up an unpaid internship in addition to the chores around the palace (part of the program is doing chores to live there).

So the year will begin with a few boring months, but after that I’ll be essentially living in Europe for half of the year! This is going to bring some really awesome and exciting content to the website and I’ll also begin working on some city and country guides to where I’ll be traveling to. While I’m in Scotland I’m going to do my best to get guides from England, Wales, and Ireland, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to spend on train passes as they get pretty expensive. When I was pricing things out I found them to range from 70 Euros and up, which is a wee bit out of my budget range to do more than a few times. 🙂

If you have ever lived or traveled in the UK or Romania/Bulgaria (where i’ll be when backpacking Eastern Europe) I would love to hear about your experiences! In the mean time i’m going to be getting sized for a kilt, practicing yelling from the tops of mountains, and working on drinking whiskey like a gentleman.

Lang may yer lum reek!


  1. How awesome Clay! You’ll have a blast 🙂 Not studying abroad is probably my only regret so far in life. I work at a university now and preach to all my students about how important a study abroad experience is if you can do it. Glad you’re able to! I’ll be excited to hear about your adventures!

  2. it sounds like you will have an experience you will never forget! I’m proud of you! I was in Europe after I graduated when my father was stationed there! I’m so proud of you!

  3. All this sounds really cool! I’m considering going to study in Scotland next year as I am very intrigued by this country and I basically I love their accent!I love the whole experience of moving to another country to study! It sounds really exciting and adventurous. I also like moving and traveling! Eastern Europe is very interesting to explore, isn’t it! I am planning before I sigh in university! Thanks for sharing! I will look around your blog a little bit more to find some more stories of your actual experience in Scotland! 🙂