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The human brain can only make so many decisions in a day before it gets tired, and when you’re traveling, you have to make a lot of decisions. Seaching through a list of dozens of restaurants is exhausting, so here is a compiled list of the best restaurants to hit in Istanbul, all of which can be done on a small budget. Bon appetite!

Photo by Scuba Mami via Trover.com
Photo by Scuba Mami via Trover.com

Shishly Cafe & Bistro:

Out of 69 customer reviews, they were given 59 five-star ratings. The Shishly Cafe serves Italian cuisine and carries a variety of wines from local places such as Cappadocia and France. They also have a gorgeous website if you would like to check it out. The neat part about their website is that they showcase their staff members pictures, have a gallery of their wonderfully designed restaurant, and of course, have a menu.

Gulhane Sark Sofrasi:

The Gulhane Sark Sofrasi has an impressive 100 five-star ratings out of 124 and serves international cuisine as well as barbecue, vegetarian, and Turkish. The view from the restaurant is splendid and if you manage to get a good table, you’ll be able to look out over the Bosphorus.

Sultan Kebab House:

The next restaurant on our list managed to accumulate 21 five-star reviews out of 22, which is pretty damn impressive. Here you’ll be able to find barbecue, vegetarian options, pizza, pastas, and Turkish cuisine, so they pretty much have something for everyone. The restaurant is small, but the food is excellent and they have refreshing cold beers, perfect for a break from a long day in the sun!

Old Ottoman Cafe & Restaurant:

Given 324 five-star ratings out of a total of 414, they are known for their excellent staff who are more than willing to help travelers who need it with the menu. They primarily serve seafood and Turkish cuisine and their sea bass in sea salt is said to be delicious. The best restaurants generally not only have an attentive staff, but the owners will befriend the guests and are lively people who make sure that the guests are having a good time. The Old Ottoman Cafe & Restaurant fits that bill.

Beyaz Izgara:

A fast food style Turkish grill, they were given 141 five-star reviews out of 170. The Beyaz Izgara is a good lunch spot to hit when you’re exploring the city because the food is quick and filling. You’ll be able to grab sandwiches such as a Kebab or a small plate. It’s been known to be tricky to find, but it’s located near The Grand Bazaar; it’s similar to a stall and only has three chairs in front of it. You can always Yelp it when you get there if it proves too difficult to find by just searching the streets. The guys that work there are also said to be very friendly.

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