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Berlin is an old city that dates back to the 13th century and has a lot for you to explore. From history old and somewhat recent to big attractions and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, it has something for everyone. Here is some quick advice to save you money and hassle.

Photo by Sharrie Shaw via Trover.com
Photo by Sharrie Shaw via Trover.com

See the City on a Bike:

A massive number of locals (think half a million) ride their bikes to get around the city, and so should you. It’s a cheap method to see the city, and you get to avoid the stress of learning the times and routes for trains and buses as well as avoid having to wave down a taxi. The best part about it all? It’s only around 10 EUR a day to rent a bike! It’s extremely cost-effective and the most intimate way to see Berlin, outside of walking. If you do want to use public transport and do not want to use a bike, you can always buy a Berlin Card to save money on rides.

Eat Lots of Gyros:

Berlin has the second largest population of Turkish people in the world, which also happens to bring a lot of great food into the city. If you’re on the move from attraction to attraction, or are just wandering the streets and don’t want to pop into a restaurant, stop at one of the food stands. There are often gyros and other goodies for a low price. If you’re worried about not being able to communicate well with the food server, it’s helpful to bring a small phrase book along to get your point across. Hands work just as well too.

Like Beer? Of course you do:

To save money on alcohol see if you can find a local pub crawl that has a flat rate. New Berlin Tours¬†offers a tour at a flat rate of 12 EUR and with some research of your own you should be able to find other tours online as well. The benefit of going on one of these tours, outside of the cheaper alcohol, is that it’s a smart way to meet other backpackers. The road can get lonely when you’re vagabonding your path through the world, so tours (walking tours as well) are always good options.

Berlin Nightlife:

Berlin is known for having the style of nightlife that can cater to any taste or preference. From bars to extravagant nightclubs, you can pick and choose what works best for your budget. Keep in mind that at most nightclubs and some bars, alcohol can get extremely pricey, so do your homework beforehand. However, there are places that offer free admission on certain nights. To find them, ask the staff where you’re staying, locals and other backpackers, and the ever-so-loyal Google. A few cool bars to look up before you go are Tausend, John Muir, and Green Door.

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