Rome is one of the most traveled cities in the world for a reason and it’s always a good place to be, well, unless you were a Roman in 410 AD, then that probably wasn’t so good. But that’s beside the point, the cultural heritage sites are astounding and it’s not hard to travel here for cheap. Below are some incredibly cheap hotels in Rome.

Photo by Irene Wamala
Photo by Irene Wamala via

Happy Village & Camping:

For only $30 USD, this place is absolutely amazing. The little oasis is minimalistic, so you’re going to want to bring your own towels, toilet paper, and liquid gold (i.e. coffee). However, they have an on-site restaurant called Restaurant Morabezza as well as bungalows and common camping amenities. The real value here is the view and the on-site pool that is surrounded by luscious vegetation. It’s a little bit outside of the main city center, but a quick bus ride will bring you right where you want to be.

Hotel Giardino D’Europa:

Close to the Anagnina Mall and the Ippodromo Capanelle, the famous horse racing venue, you’ll be in an exciting part of the city. They have basic hotel amenities, such as wifi and minibars, but what’s really cool is the garden and the rooftop terrace where you’ll be able to relax after what was probably an exhausting day of travel. In case you want to go swimming they have a pool and a restaurant to grab a nice meal and a refreshing drink.

Hotel Victor:

Hotel Victor is a spacious golf hotel for enthusiasts and beginners alike. After your round of golf, if you’d like to explore the city it’s near the Villa dei Quintili, which is an ancient Roman villa that’s now in ruins, and the Appia Antica Regional Park. This hotel also has a rooftop terrace and a garden, so by staying here you won’t have to miss out on that. They serve free breakfast, allow pets, have an on-site restaurant, and a bar.

Salesianum Hotel:

If you’re flying into the Fiumicino Airport, the Salesianum Hotel is a 15-minute drive away, so you’ll want to plan for that. They have tennis and basketball courts if you want to get some cardio in and they serve Italian breakfasts in the morning and they have an Italian restaurant. If you’re particularly religious, this hotel has a church inside of it because it’s affiliated to a Catholic religious order. Either way, it’s a pretty cheap place to stay, but if you’re uncomfortable by that, thankfully there are tons of options.

Park Hotel Dei Massimi:

This 4-star hotel is practically a steal at $53 USD per night and it’s located next to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Nature Reserve of Monte Mario, so you get to see lots of flowers. There is a free breakfast in the morning and a hotel restaurant that comes with a bar. They also have child care and laundry services, so it’s family friendly.

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