The social media era seems to show us that the only way to have proper relaxation is through traveling. If you only want to rest, then the idea of long flights and layovers leaves little to be desired. Whether through budget constraints or you want to relax, there are ways you can transform a staycation into just what you need to unwind.

Get to know your town better

You’re likely to have a day where you feel cooped up, and that’s when touring your city works. You can ditch public transportation and walk around. Gurus say that’s the best way to get to know a place. Therefore, grab a map or wander around, noting what’s where and even going into to a barber shop, stores and restaurants you’ve never been to. It gives you a fresh perspective and an appreciation for where you live. If anything, by the end, you’ll make an excellent tour guide.

Visit the park

Another place to enjoy when you’ve had enough of the indoors is the park. There are plenty of activities, including picnics and games with friends and family. You can also choose to have some you time and lay down on the grass, catch some sun rays or read a book. Whatever you want, make sure you do it to your heart’s content.

Put the gadgets down

You have likely been staring at a screen for most of the year. Why not unplug and look for activities that don’t involve your laptop or phone? It is time to be alone with your thoughts and make plans. When you’re not distracted but instead let your mind wander, you’ll be surprised at how many unsaid thoughts you have about what you want to do for fun and with your life. Don’t hold back; if you think your pot plants need new homes, why not join that pottery class? Opt to learn new things as part of unwinding.

Find out what’s happening

If you’ve ever had moments of “I didn’t know that was happening today” then you should consider plugging into local events. Find out what’s going on that interest you and visit. You can rally people to go with or go alone, but look up local events that you can visit and have a good time. It doesn’t have to be your scene; it just needs to be interesting enough to want to go to. That’s how you come away with new friendships.

Catch up on the Z’s

The point of having a staycation is to rest. Whatever activities you have planned, allot enough times for naps and times where you do nothing but lounge. If you can’t sleep, make sure whatever you do is in a reclined position. It wouldn’t be a complete staycation without rest.