I don’t normally write specifically about myself on the blog, since I want to focus on travel related things that everyone can take advantage of, but I think it’s important every now and then to take a moment and write out a bucket list of all the crazy travel things that you want to experience.

Since the blog is brand new, I think it will be neat to be able to reflect back on this in the future to see if I still have the same goals and to look at what i’ve managed to accomplish. I also encourage you to tell me about your own dreams on social media and in the comments :)!

But as I lay in my bed, sipping on my hot chocolate, and listening to random music on Youtube (the current track is ‘20syl – Ongoing Thing,’ I told you it was random!) here is my bucket list:

1. Dive the Australian Coast. Even though I’m a little scared of a shark attack as illogical as that is, the Great Barrier Reef seems pretty amazing.

2. Skydiving…I’m absolutely terrified of heights when I don’t have anything solid under my feet, so this one may be a challenge. I’m more concerned with finding a good catch phrase before jumping out of the plane, maybe something from Buzz Lightyear?

3. Completing a Round-The-World trip. I plan on starting this a few months after I graduate college in 2017!

4. Own a hostel. This one may not relate to travel perfectly, but it would be pretty cool.

5. Stay at any of the places in this post. The one on the Swiss Alps is absolutely phenomenal and I may just have to make a special trip to stay there if I’m in the country.

6. Go to music festivals in countries all around the world. I like almost all music for i’m down for most festivals. Unless it’s some form of country, I pretty much dig it. Although, I think going to an EDM festival would be the most fun (for me anyway!).

7. Live in France. I’m sure I’ll write a post about this later in a more in-depth manner, but I have been obsessed with that country for years and have even gone to the lengths to try to tackle the language (only somewhat successfully.)

8. Train with a free running group in London. I have little doubts this one will happen since I’m terrible at the sport, but what’s a better place to start than the place with one of the biggest and oldest communities for it?

9. Climb Mount Everest. Dangerous, but the bragging rights are totally worth it bro.

10. See the Louvre. Even though it holds the most overrated painting on this earth, the Mona Lisa, the Louvre seems like an amazing experience.

11. Have tea in Britain. I’m a tea fanatic and need to see how the tea I drink compares to the real deal.

12. Ride the rails around Europe. I haven’t ridden a train in years and the Euro rail seems like a pretty fun way to start again. It looks like i’ll be taking a the Euro rail next May!

13. Experience Norway. Europe in general absolutely intrigues me, but Norway seems to have it’s own coolness to it.

14. See my buddy in Bangladesh. I met a guy named Alex about 5 years ago online and we have managed to remain close ever since and have had a lot of great conversations. This is a must do for me.

15. Go completely off the grid. I would love to forget that technology exists for a few days while living in a Yurt or in some exotic area.

16. The Rainforest. One of the last pristine areas left in this modern age, I think it’s important to see it before any more of it is ruined by assholes.

17. Take you on my adventures with me. The cool part of this blog is I can keep in touch with you all the time and there is nothing cooler than being able to share all of my experiences with you and tell you what works and what doesn’t work while on the road. So yeah!

Well, thanks for listening to me drone on about my dreams, as interesting or boring as they may seem to you. What are you goals? I would love to hear them!



  1. #14
    I had a similar experience, except my friend was from Quebec. He was my penpal in my freshman year of high school (I’m now a college sophomore) and we visit each other every summer now. Its really cool having a local showing you around their home, but its even better if you’re friends with them because they know to show you things that would really pique your interest.