A few months before I graduated from high school I made a sudden career switch from being a police officer, to becoming a travel writer. My logic was simple: I want to travel and I can get paid by writing about it. But in reality, the thought scared me. It was vastly different from what everyone else was doing and I had no clue how to become one.

Finally, after one week of being too scared to even research how to get a job as a travel writer, I decided to go to Google and I typed in something along the lines of “How to become a travel writer.” Original, I know.

The first result that came up was an article from a guy known as Nomadic Matt. I fell in love with his writing and quickly devoured all of the information I could. It’s safe to say he became my travel writing idol.

Fast forward a few years. At last I had a travel blog of my own and a small group of active readers. I’d been lucky over the years to be able to have some minor communication with Matthew Kepnes , the man behind Nomadic Matt, and I had taken and completed his blogging course: Superstar Blogging. It turned out that he was as genuine and kind of a person in communicating with me through email as he seemed to be in his writings. He still easily maintained his “idolship” (I just made up a new word to fit my needs) in my eyes.

So today, it brings me great pleasure to be able to help out my idol and tell you about his latest book, “How to Travel the World on $50 USD A Day: Revised, Updated & Expanded,” which I strongly suggest. At the end of this article there will also be a special offer listed for anyone who is interested in buying his book.

Matt’s book is an amazing guide for world travel. Whether you only plan on going somewhere for a weekend or for two years, his advice will make sure you’re able to do it cheaply.

In this book he breaks down how to travel through Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Central America, South America, China, India, and Japan. He offers important insight as far as how much money you’ll need, what you can expect for transportation, buying food, as well as getting accommodation. Having traveled through these areas extensively, he knows what you can expect on arrival and the cheapest methods to travel there.

Matt’s book will not only guide you through countries, but he will help you get over your fears so you can take the plunge and explains to you why travel doesn’t have to be expensive. He also covers the nitty-gritty things that most of us find boring and explains them in a fun way. Those topics include buying travel insurance, the right backpack for your type of trip, banking overseas (more important than you may think) and picking the right credit card.

This isn’t all the book covers either! Matt’s book is an amazing all around guide that I wasn’t able to put down until I finished it and I plan on taking it with me on all my travels – I don’t say that about many books either. It serves as a great reminder of what can be done when you have the right mind set!

Here are a few select quotes from those who have read the book:

Whether you’re a savvy backpacker or just dreaming of getting a passport and going overseas, Matt’s collection of easy-to-employ money-saving strategies will open your eyes to the near-infinite ways of seeing the world without busting your budget.” – Matt Gross, former New York Times Frugal Traveler

“The bible of budget travel.” – BBC

Those are some pretty hefty words! If you’re interested in picking up this book for $11 USD (pretty cheap considering how much it will save you), Matt has also agreed to give you ALL of his city guides which are typically $5.99 USD each: Bangkok, NYC, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Hong Kong. To redeem the guides, shoot him an email at matt@nomadicmatt.com with a snapshot of your receipt. The links to purchase his book are below.

Amazon I Barnes & Noble


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