Photo Credit: Van Stepele Koekmakerij
Photo Credit: Van Stepele Koekmakerij

If you’re in Amsterdam and in search of the perfect coffee, these are the places you are going to want to check out first. With their rich and relaxing atmospheres, you can indulge in some of the best coffee the city has to offer, while reading a good book or watching people walk by.

CT Coffee & Coconuts:

Open every day from the morning until 10 p.m., this coffee shop has seating on multiple levels, perfect for finding your own little place to sit and relax. They house rustic furniture that brings a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and their large menu is perfect for any time of the day. You can find them on Ceintuurbaan.


A relatively new coffee shop, they serve coffee, fresh juice drinks, sweets, and pastries. I’s a great place to relax outside with a snack and an energizing drink to read a book, or watch people strolling by. It’s also located next to Strawberry Earth. You can find them located on the corner in Oud-West.

Rum Baba:

Coffee and tea master, Jeroen Keizer runs this awesome little coffee shop. If you’re in the mood for coffee or tea and cake, this is the place for you. Inside, they have much unique wall art that sets the happy tone of the coffee shop, and there is plenty of seating for you outside. You can find them on Pretoriusstraat.


You’ll find this place in the famed Red-Light District. They work as a shop and a café, so you can check out home décor as well as unique fashion you wouldn’t otherwise see, while grabbing a cup of your favorite joe. Did I mention it’s the perfect spot for people watching?

Quartier Putain:

This old building, owned by the hip-hop record label Top Notch, underwent refurbishment into a cool place to grab your java. One of the key features is an old Seeburg jukebox, which comes with free tokens. You can find them on Oudekerksplein.

The Coffee Virus:

You can find The Coffee Virus in a new office building called A Lab, which is a company known for their innovation. This coffee shop is the perfect place to grab a sandwich, freshly roasted coffee, and a slice of cake for lunch. They reside on Overhoeksplein.

Bakers & Roasters:

This new café in Amsterdam is known for their New Zealand atmosphere. The two owners, one from New Zealand and the other from Brazil, have assembled a large breakfast and lunch menu filled with food from around the world. You can find them on Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat.

Caffè il Momento:

In search of the perfect coffee, Caffè il Momento, has worked hard to find it, so they are definitely worth a visit. Inside, they have rearranged what used to be a shoe shop into a vibrant and relaxing environment, with marbled countertops and brick walls. You can locate them on the corner of Singel.

If you ever get the chance, these coffee shops are a great way to spend a relaxing morning or afternoon.

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