Starwood Preferred Guest offers its members a unique chance to travel around the world and with great benefits and luxury. With each travel and an SPG card, earn and redeem Starpoints at any of their more than 1,300 deluxe resorts and hotels across the globe.

Whether you earned a large stash of Starpoints with the new sign-up bonus or it was the reward for using the SPG exclusive services that landed you with a great deal of Starpoints – you sure want credible ways of redeeming these points to your advantage.

This post discusses the top 6 ways you can put your hard-earned Starpoints to use.

So if you’re wondering what options you have for Starpoints redemption, consider the following.

1. The Cash & Points Awards

If you can expand the inherent value of your points by spending a few extra bucks, I say you’ve got a good deal at your hand. The SPG Cash & Points Awards allows you to do just that. The SPG breakdown for standard room requirements are given below.

Category 1* 1,200 Starpoints + $25
Category 2* 1,600 Starpoints + $30
Category 3 2,800 Starpoints + $45
Category 4 4,000 Starpoints + $60
Category 5 4,800 Starpoints + $90
Category 6 8,000 Starpoints + $150
Category 7 15,000 Starpoints + $275

* These categories are offered only at hotels in the US, Canada, and Asia Pacific

However, keep in mind that using this Starpoint redemption option is more of a hit or miss situation. It is up to the hotel/property to decide whether they wish to offer free nights under these packages or not. Plus if you’re planning a longer stay, you wouldn’t be able to avail the fifth night free option.

2. Transfer Starpoints to Airline Miles

Starwood Preferred Guest partners with 35 different airlines providing you with a plethora of options to transfer your Starpoints to an airline of your choice. On transferring 20,000 points to airline miles, you get an extra 5,000 miles as bonus. One of the best parts about this package is that SPG offers several airlines that are exclusively connected with SPG. These airlines include the Alaska, Lufthansa, and the American Miles programs and more.
With this package, you only need to pay fees and taxes, which are quite reasonable. This is a fantastic way to travel first class with Emirates! Now who wouldn’t want that!

3. The Low-Category Stays

I know none of us would want to let go off a chance to stay and splurge at the St. Regis Bal Harbour. However, when redeeming Starpoints it’s advisable to act smartly. You need to be on the lookout for options that provide greater value. At times, these high value packages are found in the bottom of the category options.

When thinking of redeeming Starpoints for stays, look into the two lower most categories – they require a small amounts of points in exchange for a free night. Plus the rates take a down slide on the weekends.

4. The Fifth Night Free

If you don’t want to redeem Starpoints against low category properties, the Fifth Night Free package is dedicated to the Categories 3 to 7 and works best for stay exceeding 5 nights. When you redeem points for these stays, you automatically get the fifth night free.

5. The SPG Moments

While most people love to travel, some simply don’t. If you’re one of those people who do not look forward to travelling too much, you could redeem your Starpoints with the SPG Moments Package. This program, as the name suggests is more about living moments and experiences. It covers performing arts, music, culinary adventures, and sports events – and you can avail all this with your Starpoints.

This program works two ways. You could opt for the auction-like program where you bid your price (Starpoints) for a moment you wish to experience, or simply stick to the flat redemption options. Have a game you’d like to watch exclusively with a loved one with all the VIP privileges of SPG? Check out their website to see if they’ve got something lined up for you.

6. The SPG Nights & Flights Packages

The SPG Nights & Flights package allows you to redeem your Starpoints against a free 5-nights stay at a Category 3 or 4 hotel and 50,000 airline miles. These packages are generally ideal for most of the higher value point currencies including the Alaska Mileage Plan. It is important to point out at this point that the nights and miles should be redeemed same day. Also, these packages are subject to cancellation and change in policy so you need to stay updated.

I hope this post proves useful in assisting you with your Starpoints redemption. The SPG program offers a host of excellent redemption options, along with exciting sign-up bonuses on their cards. It’s up to you how to best avail them.