tipsIn lieu of my new book coming out this Monday (7/28/14), I decided it would be a good idea to give a few of the tips that are included in the book so you can see what it’s going to look like. Be sure to check out the book when it drops tomorrow! It’s going to cover nearly every aspect of traveling from planning to transportation.

1. Cold Showers:

This one seems a little crazy, but if you’re in an area that’s really hot and the hostels charge more for hot water than cold, stick with the ones that only have cold water. When it’s hot outside, cold showers aren’t so bad either.

2. Bring A Water Bottle:

Filling up your bottle as you go will save you a lot of money in the long run, plus it’s healthy.  Buying a few waters and pops a day adds up quickly. Just make sure it’s empty before you hit the TSA. You can always fill it back up once you pass through security.

3. Go To The Grocery Store:

Instead of eating out for every meal, use the local grocery store and buy your own food. It’s often cheaper and healthier, plus you get to know the culture better. It’s even better when the place you’re staying at has a kitchen you can use so you can cook your own meals.

4. Hostels:

Hold up! Say this with me first before we continue: “Hostels are not bad. Overall, hostels are good and not filthy things for backpackers.” We clear? Cool. Let’s roll the rest. I’m a huge   advocate of hostels and I’ve posted on them more than once. Hostels are a fraction of the cost of regular hotels and they can greatly enhance your experience while traveling.

5. Hostels/Hotels Supplies:

Most places have things like razors, toothbrushes, other toiletries, and even charging cords. I’m not saying travel without your toothbrush, but if you run out of paste or your blade gets dull check with the staff before you buy!

6. Check Out Markets/Bakeries Late:

A lot of places that make fresh food mark them at discounted prices towards the end of the day. They make for a great breakfast the next morning if you store them in a Ziploc bag and give you a little bit more money.

7. Local Deals:

There are a lot of ways you can find deals around town. One of the best ways is to check with the staff at the place where you are staying. Also, if you plan on getting a rental car, Google ‘rental car discounts,’ you’ll be surprised at how many there are!

8. Have A Rewards Card:

Travel credit cards are great for getting free room stays and flights. This doesn’t save you moneyupfront, unless they offer a small cash percentage back, but it pays off big later.

9. Fly In The Low Season:

Flying during the summer or holiday season is expensive and escaping during the cold winter  months will make your vacation all the better.

10. Tread Your Own Path:

Everyone seems to go to the same locations time and time again. Go explore new places that don’t get as much traffic and you’ll be sure to save some cash. If you want to go to Europe, try Romania instead of France.

11. Take The Bus:

Instead of spending insane amounts of money on a taxi every time you want to go somewhere, take the bus instead. It’s probably going to take a little longer and you may walk a little bit more, but it’s totally worth it.

12. Free Entertainment:

It’s pretty easy to find free things to do around town if you’re bored. Museums often have certain hours where they are free and if you can find one that is free 24/7, even better, since you don’t have time restraints.

13. Night Trains:

Not only will you save money by avoiding having to buy a room for the night, but if you’re able to fall asleep on them you can save time too.

 14. Go Where The Dollar Is Strong:

Countries that have a weaker dollar than your own are often cheaper to travel in and some places you may only have to spend 15 USD per day! That’s chump change for travel.

 15. Avoid Tourist Spots:

They are massive drains for your cash with the industry flushing your money into their pockets. Everything from accommodation to activities has an increased price. Instead, head a few blocks away and stay where the locals do.

16. Live Like A Local:

Probably the most valuable of the tips in here is to be a local. Locals don’t pay a ton of money to live there, so why should you when you travel there? Figure out what the locals do for fun and where they eat. You can always ask someone on the street or look online if you’re not sure where to start.



  1. hi.! i’m not a traveler but now i want to be a traveler..hope ur great tips will help me in my way to be a traveler..thanks ya..

  2. I’m from the Philippines and I just started traveling out of the country the past year. And this is super helpful! Thanks a bunch! 🙂