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How To Deal With The Doubters

I was recently walking through a lounge area of a building and noticed a group of my friends were relaxing in front of the fake fireplace, watching whatever was on TV at the time, probably hockey or Frozen. As I waved a kind hello to them, one of them brought up how I was moving to Scotland. They gave me a large congratulations and told me that they are going to miss me, but they knew how important this was for me, so they were okay with losing me for a few months.

With a smile so large it would be hard to remove, I said “thank you” and eagerly told them all of the details when they inquired more about it. As I began to walk away, a young guy who happened to be sitting in the vicinity said:

“You’re going to Scotland? Why the hell would you ever want to do that!?” read more…

I’m Moving To Scotland!

I can’t believe it! It has officially been over six months that I have been running this website! Time has flown by so quickly and I’m extremely excited to be able to say that we’ve made it through half of a year. The next six months will be even better and they will be ending with me backpacking Eastern Europe for the first time.

That’s not all though…

Many people have e-mailed me since I began the site and have asked me for my “expert” advice on travel. But truth be told, I’m nowhere near being an expert.

I consider myself a student of travel and I always will.

I have a lot to learn and much more to read more…

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I’ve recently been hit with wanderlust and an insatiable need to travel and see different places. When I’m home and not traveling and instead planning my next travel, I read articles to inspire, motivate and push me to visit new places. In the past week, I’ve stumbled upon three articles that have inspired me beyond any inspiration ever felt and it wasn’t until today that I realized all three were written by Clay. They’ve made such a difference in how I view my travels.

Daniel Louis

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Welcome To Headed Abroad

Hey there! My name is Clay and I am a traveler, university student, tea-drinker, writer, and health nut. This is my travel site where I teach people how to travel the world cheaply. I also published a free eBook to get you started which you can pick up with the link above! Next Trip: Romania

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